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Coastal Hazard Statement

Statement as of 5:44 AM CDT on May 25, 2015

Expires 1:00 AM EDT on May 26, 2015

... High rip current risk remains in effect through this evening...

* timing... a high risk of rip currents continues today.

* Impacts... frequent life threatening rip currents will develop
at area beaches... especially near the jetties.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

There is a high risk of rip currents.

Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away
from shore... which occur most often at low spots or breaks in The
Sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as groins...
jetties and piers. Heed the advice of lifeguards and the beach
patrol. Pay attention to flags and posted signs.

If you become caught in a rip current... do not panic. Remain calm
and begin to swim parallel to shore. Once you are away from the
force of the rip current... begin to swim back to the beach. Do
not attempt to swim directly against a rip current. Even a strong
swimmer can become exhausted quickly.

Record Report

Statement as of 4:40 PM CDT on May 24, 2015

... Record daily maximum rainfall set at Brownsville...

A record rainfall of 3.30 inches was set at Brownsville/South Padre
Island International Airport today. This breaks the old record of
2.95 set in 1938.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:19 AM CDT on May 25, 2015

... Public information statement...

... May 24th through 30th is hurricane preparedness week in Texas...
... Today's topic is storm surge...

The honorable governor of Texas... Greg Abbott... has proclaimed may
24th through 30th 2015 as hurricane preparedness week in Texas.

The following tropical weather topics will be discussed for the rest
of the week:

Today... ... ... ... ... ... storm surge
Tuesday... ... ... ... ... .high winds and tornadoes
Wednesday... ... ... ... ..inland flooding
Thursday... ... ... ... ... marine impacts
Friday... ... ... ... ... ..Personal preparedness tips

Some of The Hazards most easily identified with hurricanes are
strong winds... tornadoes... flooding and storm surge. Of these...
storm surge and high waves are the most destructive to coastal
facilities and can cause tremendous coastal erosion.

In 2008... a storm surge of more than 17 feet demolished most of the
buildings... vehicles... and other structures on the Bolivar Peninsula
northeast of Galveston. Hurricane Katrina's storm surge of more
than 27 feet remains etched in most americans' memories for the
devastation it left behind on the Mississippi and southeast
Louisiana coast.

A storm surge is a large dome of water... 50 to 100 miles wide that
sweeps across the coastline along and to the right of the center of
a storm as it makes landfall. The stronger the hurricane winds... the
higher the storm surge. Storm surge poses the greatest threat to
life and property for the Lower Texas coastal communities of the
town of South Padre Island... Port Isabel... Laguna Vista... and the
port of Brownsville.

Storm surge combines with the normal tides to create the hurricane
storm tide... which can increase the mean water level 15 feet or more
with major hurricanes. Wind driven battering waves on top of the
storm surge... known as wave set-up... adds additional devastation.
Because much of the communities along the Lower Texas coast are
below 10 feet above mean sea level... the danger from storm tides
can be tremendous.

Due to the shallow Texas coastal waters... storm surges will be
higher from a land falling tropical storm or hurricane compared with
surges striking more steeply sloped Continental shelf along portions
of the Atlantic coast. While inland flooding remains the number one
killer of hurricanes over the past 50 years... both Katrina and Ike
remind US that the potential for storm surge inundation to kill many
people remains Paramount. The chance for death and destruction is
increased when warnings and evacuation orders are not heeded... as
was the case with each storm.

Computer simulations of a major hurricane landfall near or just
south of the mouth of the Rio Grande River indicates a huge impact
that the resulting storm surge would have on the coastal communities
of deep south Texas. Communities such as the town of South Padre
Island would be completely inundated... and most properties in South
Padre Island... Port Isabel and Laguna Vista would be washed
away... demolished... or made uninhabitable. Hurricane Beulah in 1967
produced an estimated 8 to 14 foot storm surge across South Padre
Island... Port Isabel... and Laguna Vista.

When considering evacuation... remember: you can run... but you
can not hide... from storm surge flooding.

For additional information regarding storm surge and
preparedness... please visit the following websites /use lower case/:

Brownsville National Weather Service hurricane preparedness: surge

Texas hurricane guide, Rio Grande Valley edition (available by may 31)

Guia oficial de huracanes, la edicion para El Valle del Rio Grande
(disponible de 31 mayo)

National Hurricane Center storm surge preparedness:

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