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Kansas, Barton

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Statement as of 6:00 AM CST on February 06, 2016

... On this date in weather history...

In 1987... around 7 inches of rain drenched
Brownsville... TX in 2 hours. The resulting flooding in
some parts of the city was worse than that caused by
hurricane Beulah in 1967. In 2010... old man winter
pulled a colossal 'snow job' on the mid Atlantic states.
Most of Maryland and Washington D.C. Were overwhelmed by
2 to 3.5 feet of snow.The storm also raged through
south central and southeast Pennsylvania New Jersey... and
Delaware... burying these areas with 1.5 to 2.5 feet. The
28.5 inches measured in Philadelphia made this the second
greatest snowfall in the city's history. In 1978... a
massive Nor'easter buried cities of the northeast with
heavy snow. Hardest hit was Boston... where around 2 to
2.5 feet forced the mayor to outlaw travel in the city
for a week. Other significant accumulations were around
18 inches in New York City... 16 inches in
Philadelphia... and 14 inches in Baltimore.


Oymyakon... Russia... located in far northeastern
Siberia... is considered the world's coldest permanently
inhabited location. This was definitely true in
1933... when the low temperature was -90 degrees! This is
10 degrees colder than the lowest temperature on record
for the United States which is -80 degrees recorded in
Prospect creek Alaska on January 23... 1971. Prospect
creek is located 180 miles north of Fairbanks.

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