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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on October 22, 2014

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

18-23 in 2003... an extended warm spell resulted in 5 new temperature
        records. The high temperature of 84 degrees on the 18th
        equaled the record high for the date. High temperatures
        of 86 degrees on the 19th... 83 degrees on the 21st... and 84
        degrees on the 22nd were record highs for the dates. Low
        temperature of 49 degrees on the 23rd was a record high
        minimum for the date. Low temperatures during the period
        were in the 40's and lower 50's.
19-23 in 1906... heavy snowfall totaled 22.7 inches in the city over
        the 5 days. Rain changed to snow on the evening of the
        19th... and snow continued through the late afternoon of the
        23rd. The heaviest amount of snowfall... 16.0 inches... fell
        from 8:00 PM on the 20th to 8:00 PM on the 22nd. The most
        snow on the ground was 13.3 inches on the evening of the
        23rd. This was the first snow of the season and the only
        snow of the month. Winds during the storm were from the
        north at sustained speeds of 20 to 30 mph each day.
        Temperatures during the storm were generally in the 20's.
20-22 in 1936... 5.5 inches of snow fell over downtown Denver.
        Most of the snow... 4.5 inches... fell on the 20th.
21-22 in 1978... heavy rain on the 21st changed to snow by daybreak
        on the 22nd and continued the rest of the day. This was
        the first measurable snowfall of the season... but totaled
        only 1.7 inches at Stapleton International Airport where
        east winds gusted to 29 mph. While only a trace of snow
        covered the ground... precipitation totaled 1.27 inches.
22 in 1878... winds were sustained to 42 mph.
      In 1887... the first measurable snow of the season occurred...
        ending the longest snow-free period in Denver... 232 days...
        since the last snow on March 5th.
      In 1947... the first snow of the season totaled only 1.6
        inches. Post-frontal north winds caused temperatures
        to plunge from a high of 60 degrees at midnight to a
        low of only 30 degrees 24 hours later. This was the
        only snow of the month.
      In 1985... high winds gusting from 60 to 80 mph buffeted the
        Front Range foothills. The strongest reported wind gust
        was 89 mph in eastern Boulder. A treehouse east of Boulder
        was set on fire by a downed power line. Two people in
        Boulder were injured. A woman broke her arm when the
        strong winds knocked her to the ground. A CArpenter in the
        city suffered a severely cut hand while he was trying to
        repair a roof that was being torn from a building. At
        Stapleton International Airport... northwest winds gusted
        to 41 mph.
      In 2001... west-northwest winds gusting as high as 54 mph
        warmed the temperature to a high of 70 degrees at Denver
        International Airport.
22-23 in 1914... Post-frontal rain changed to snow. Precipitation
        totaled 2.72 inches... most of which was in the form of
        moist snow which melted as it fell in the business
        section of the city. About 3 inches of snow was measured
        on lawns in the residential areas on the morning of the
        24th. Official snowfall totaled only 0.4 inch downtown...
        but an estimated 8.0 inches of snow melted as it fell.
        North to northeast winds were sustained to 29 mph with
        gusts to 30 mph on both days.
      In 1975... a vigorous cold front moving across Metro Denver
        followed by strong northeast winds gusting to 52 mph
        produced billows of blowing dust and plunged the
        temperature 21 degrees in an hour. The surface
        visibility was reduced to 1/4 mile in blowing dust at
        Stapleton International Airport. The temperature cooled
        from a daily record high of 81 degrees to a low of 38
        degrees by day's end. The first snowfall of the season
        totaled 2.7 inches on the 23rd. This was the only
        measurable snow of the month at Stapleton International
      In 1995... heavy snow fell on the Palmer Ridge south of Denver
        and in the foothills west of Denver where snow amounts
        ranged from 4 to 8 inches. Sedalia... south of Denver...
        received 8 inches of snow. Winds strengthened on the
        plains and produced blizzard conditions... reducing surface
        visibilities to less than 1/4 mile. I-70 was closed
        from just east of Denver at gun club Road to the Kansas
        border. Ten inches of snow fell at Strasburg east of
        Denver where north winds at sustained speeds of 35 to
        45 mph with gusts as high as 60 mph produced 2 to 4 foot
        drifts. Snowfall totaled only 2.2 inches at the site of
        the former Stapleton International Airport. North winds
        gusted to 51 mph at Denver International Airport.

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